Philadelphia Mayoral Primary Election: The Best Man Didn't win, the Best Tactics Did

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

In the spirit of good sportswomanship, I must first of all congratulate James Kenney for emerging victorious from the 6-candidate primary that took place yesterday, May 19 in Philadelphia.

Anthony Hardy Williams

Of course you know, if you read my blog, that I was in favor of Anthony Hardy Williams.  However, he didn't win - he did come in a decent second behind Kenney who garnered 55% of the votes at the last tally I was present for.

All in all a well run race - skillfully engineered, with all forces, sources and energies garnered and gathered to ensure that all corners of Philly's constituencies were on board.

Kudos to the Northwest Alliance for having done a superb job.  It's just too bad that all that energy, unfication, solidarity could not have been mustered for either of the three African American candidates who were running - Douglass Oliver, Milton Street, or Tony Williams - or someone else of their choosing.  I for one definitely believe in Black unity - especially when it's around our own Black people.

However, someone said that Williams campaign failed to muster a campaign that dealt with the racial currency of the mayoral election,  or to respond to the attacks against his record.  His was definitely not a vicious campaign - it was one that was designed to engage the people and appeal to those areas of interest that most affected them: education, jobs, family development; decent affordable homes - stuff that Philadelphians need and are supposed to care about - but you  also have to be slugging it out toe to toe - to be seen.

Someone said that Williams had not "kissed the papal ring and gotten the blessing of the head honcho in charge," which is why he did not get the backing of the Philly Dems.  Kind of sad, isn't it, that Philly may have to endure 4 years of an ersatz mayor because of infighting and power struggles within it's predominant party.  In the meantime the voters are apparently big fans of Kool-Aid - because they had to do the actual voting.  One has to wonder what flavor they represented as they emerged?

As Tony Williams' mother stated after the 90% of the tally had been announced, "No one minds losing - if Tony had lost to a man of equal stature, intelligence, ability or accomplishments - it would have been understood and accepted.  But to Kenney - who has done little to nothing in 23 years, it's an insult."

The only thing I can say is Philadelphia's voters are going to wake up and say, "Oh My God! What have we done!!!!"

Stay Blessed &


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