Anthony Hardy Williams is Great Mayor Matrerial for the City of Philadelphia

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Well it's two weeks and counting until the primary election for Mayor of Philadelphia.  

This is going to be a pivotal campaign for several reasons - the new mayor gets to preside over Philadelphia's progress along side a new Governor - and the right person in that position can work wonders for all concerned.


Philadelphians may think they have a tough choice, but to me it's a no-brainer!  When I was in high school, our teachers used to meet with our parents early in the school year and begin helping them in the process of making informed decisions for our future.  They could tell by our actions, behavior, mindset, accomplishments, and conversation whether we were or were not "COLLEGE MATERIAL."

In looking at the line up of the six people running for mayor, I've pretty come to be able to make the same determination.  There are things that distinguish one candidate from the rest of his opponents - And  I hesitate to point it out, because the others may to appropriate the idea and behavior and try to fool the public into thinking they have the same character and qualities.  But, more than wearing a suit and tie, or speaking colloquial English, the actions, behavior, mindset, accomplishments and conversation also earmark a person who is good MAYOR MATERIAL, as well.

What was interesting about this was that I was looking right at these traits in action, but didn't really notice it, because at the time I wasn't aware that the individual was planning to run for mayor.  But what I saw was this - a level of participation in issues of interest and concern to the community, even though the constituents were not a part of his district.  A working knowledge of issues and problems beyond the headlines in the newspapers.  Being supportive of individuals in the community even if it didn't put him in the limelight.    Handling insults and affronts without rancor, while dealing effectively with them so that they are harmless.

The candidate to whom I refer is not just good mayor material for Philadelphia, but Great Mayoral Material for Philadelphia - and he didn't just begin building that reputation and traits just in time to throw his hat in the ring.  In fact, what was interesting was that Anthony Hardy Williams has  quietly shown up at community gatherings, the charter school hearings, and other events that were of vital importance to Philadelphia for quite some time.  And while, as State Senator, he could certainly have thrown his weight around, he continued to play low profile and participate in the process where possible. 

When the parents gathered at the School District of Philadelphia the cold winter morning in order to participate in the hearings for Germantown Community Charter School Coalition,  but were locked out because of overcrowded capacity, Anthony Hardy Williams stood out in the cold with them, waiting until they could be given admission.

Good Mayor Material comes through whenever he answers a question on a panel or a forum - it is clear through his answers that he's already given the issue some considerable thought and looked at it from the standpoint of what the Mayor of Philadelphia can do, as opposed to what has been done.  

He's great Mayor Material because he goes beyond the perfunctory answers to the burning questions of what about the overtaxing of Philadelphia residents is so onerous {residents, who by the way, are being pushed out of their homes through egregious foreclosures due to heinous tax increases that are based on an overpriced valuation system - these rates are move indicative of New York's excessive or New Jersey's exhorbitant rates - most Philadelphians are barely scraping by and to be hit with triple inflated property values and an artificial tax rate overlay is somewhere between robbery, thievery, and just plain greed on the one hand and stupidity on the other; corporations should have been required to pay their fair share of taxes long ago not Philadelphian residents - of course I said  the "stupidity" part,  not Anthony Hardy Williams - but he came close to saying the same thing.}

Anthony Hardy Williams is Mayor Material because he sees the city of Philadelphia as a whole - and realizes that it's time for the different communities to interact and communicate with each other.

Anthony Hardy Williams is great Mayor Material because he not only is in favor of the $15.00 an hour income increase, but also the vocational and training programs being brought to the schools so that students can receive the requisite education to be able to sustain gainful employment.  Having been a businessman himself, he understands the issue of wages, taxes, earned income tax adjustments.  Even more positive and advantageous is that you have a mayor whose experiences in Harrisburg will make a world of difference in getting around the red tape that often keeps Philly from moving forward.  His relationships forged across the years will make a considerable difference in getting laws passed and concessions implemented that will benefit all Philadelphians.  

Anthony Hardy is great Mayor Material because his vision for Philadelphia includes all Philadelphians - those who have lived here all their lives; those who have recently arrived here and are just beginning to appreciate the merits of this historical city; and those who are considering making Philadelphia their home.  In a recent debate, when the subject of tax abatements came, he stated, "Tax Abatements is a false argument, it really comes down to who's building what, where.  And so for me, I have the Diversity Apprenticeship Program (DAP) - people of color in neighborhoods - African Americans, who are not minorities, but are the majority, making up the largest ethnic group in Philadelphia - see people from Delaware, New Jersey, Baltimore all working in trades that are not diversified.  My position on this is if the abatement program is to go forward, we will work to restructure who gets to build where and when  That is what will drive the abatement process for having its fullest promise for all of Philadelphia. 

He possesses the warmth associated with the City of Brotherly Love - Affable and approachable - but focused, creative and imaginative. 

Despite his detractors, people are seeing through their machinations and are watching as he emerges victoriously as the front runner in a six-way campaign.  One, that can be lost, however, if any one for one minute listens to those detractors who would have Black people turn on each other than to turn to each other; who think it clever to use personal vendettas and ambitions to undermine Philadelphians by playing divide and conquer poltical games, and trying  sway Black Philadelphians to vote against their own self interest, and support a candidate who has just discovered the Philadelphia Blacks even have a history worth noting.

Remember - this is a 6-way campaign - there is no margin for error - you cannot split your vote just because you "like" a person - in this instance the entirely wrong person can end up being the front runner if you don't do a laser focus and decide to make sure your vote counts across the board - later will be too late - just like Philly suffered under 4 years of Tom Corbett as governor; it could likewise suffer if we fool around and split our vote and Kenney, Abrahams, Diaz or any of the other candidates get in instead of Anthony Hardy Williams - sometimes, by the way, people are paid to run for office, to crowd the field so much that voters can't decide - and make the wrong decision, leaving the field open for their hand chosen candidate.

It would be tragic to get to the polls on May 19, the birthdate of Malcolm X, and split your vote six ways because of indecision or misinformation  - it would be insane to take all the progress that has been being made in Philly through hard work and effort and throw out the baby with the bath water by supporting Jim Kenny, when Anthony Hardy Williams is clearly the best and most viable candidate.  It would be foolish to think that electing Kenney would somehow show some sense of misbegotten egalitarianism on our part.

Such commentaries as who supports Williams is of little merit - the fact that he can garner a broad based variety of financial supporters bodes well for the future of Philadelphia, whose budget suffered mightily under the yoke of Tom Corbett, who spent his entire tenure stripping Philadelphia in every possible way he could - from school budgets, affordable homes, jobs, medical assistance and facilities.  Being great Mayor Material means being able to identify and utilize sources and resources that will augment and enhance the advancement of the city and its residents.  

Those who would take Philadelphia backwards 25 years are not people acting in the best interest of Philly - and when you have individuals or groups posturing in that manner, you may want to check out what their hidden agendas are; you might want to ferret out who benefits if Anthony Hardy Williams loses this pivotal primary - what will it do for those of us who, as Williams has stated are not the minority, but the mighty Majority and the largest viable ethnic group in Philadelphia - African Americans.  

In the closing statement from the forum of ABCTV 6, Williams, next mayor of Philadelphia, stated:  
"Let these words ring in your ears on May 19th, you can go backwards in the City, compromised by the practices of special interests from the past; or do we build upon the growing prosperity of Philadelphia, that needs to go across the entire city itself?  Tough choices will be made; improving schools - certainly - but improving all schools, in all neighborhoods for all families is essential!   The economy that we need will allow for a PhD and a GED to process; and most significantly, respecting our police officers, but listening to the cries and the demands of the mothers across Philadelphia that believe their sons should be respected as well.  For those who believe that this is an impossible dream, that my vision just can't happen, I believe differently.  I think on May 19th we can prove that we are the city - a caring city; a warm city.  And I believe on May 19th, I'm asking you for your support and your vote - Thank you very much!"  Positive, powerful, in command - definitely Great Mayor Material!

Does this sound like a campaign piece for Anthony Williams?  It could be - but what it really is is a wake up call to all Philadelphians to not squander an opportunity to continue progressing and carrying forward.  The good thing about Philly is that you've got some good folks who are interested in being mayor - but the great thing is that you have one who is outstanding Mayor Material and will not only be the best choice, but make Philadelphia the envy of other cities - that is Anthony Hardy Williams. 

If you aren't familiar with him, this is the time to go to one of the forums, or read up on his policies.  Take a visit to his campaign headquarters, volunteer to do some door knocking, phone calls, and helping those who have disabilities to get to the polls on May 19.  This, by the way, is not a paid political announcement - as the "partisan press" I reserve the right to have an opinion and vested and enlightened concern about who our mayor is, as well as other neighbors, officials, friends.  And lining the traits, accomplishments, experiences, side by side - Anthony Hardy Williams comes out way ahead of the opponents as the next and best mayor of Philadelphia!

Now that you know,what are you going to do about it?  Join Team Tony!! 215-545-1258

Stay Blessed & 
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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