By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Just a little blurb to let you know that though this is Monday, the day after Easter, there is still much business to focus on in Philly - with the primary just six weeks away, there will be a mayoral forum at the Bright Hope Baptist Church - 12th and Cecil B. Moore, Monday, April 6th at 6:00 PM 

There are six Democrats and one Republican running for the seat - and no time to waste.  I behooves everybody to make sure they know who's running, why they're running and what it means for you and for Philly.

With a new Governor who is tackling so much left over from a 4 year stint of neglect which has left Philadelphia bereft of funds for decent schools, decent housing, jobs, etc; it is imperative that we give him the right match to bring Philadelphia back on its feet financially, socially, educationally, emotionally (yes, I said emotionally - Corbett has given us much angst) - someone that can round out Wolf's team, but who is solidly dedicated to Philadelphia as well.

That said - instead of going straight home, make it your business to make a detour to check out the candidates.

Actually, I said there were 7 candidates running - in point of fact there are really only one, who, to my mind are worthy of consideration - the others are just distractions.  And I will tell you up front that I am not non-partisan.  I reserve the right to voice my choice because I have a vested interest in making sure that the right person is elected to office - 

Unlike what the supreme court and other entities - like the Koch Brothers - have done to the voters of the US - I don't operate under any gag order - I'm casting my support and vote for TONY WILLIAMS - I just hate to waste time mincing words and trying to be coy.  I find it disingenuous on their part to say to Non Profit organizations that they cannot endorse a candidate or even back him or her, and if they do so, they will lose their funding; while at the same time corporations have been given the same status as human beings, under the supreme court's Citizens United rule,  which allows them to donate unconscionable sums of support to candidates who shouldn't even be allowed to run for dog catcher.  Kind of backwards, don't you think?  The altruistic organizations, who work with, and speak for the people, can't endorse a candidate; but the charlatans who are bilking people out of money, buying up votes, polluting our environment and giving us Big Pharma and GMOs, are at liberty to do whatever they please.  

Even elected officials and their colleagues and employees are in trouble if they so much as mention a candidate - What happened to Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech and one man one vote? 

Therefore, I declare myself a member of the partisan press, and retain the right to fully endorse whom I please, when I please and as often as I please - and that is ANTHONY WILLIAMS - he has the dedication and discipline as well as the vision needed for Philadelphia going forward.  I've had the opportunity to listen to all the candidates and see that Williams' background and experience in the State as well as his longstanding as a resident of Philadelphia is essential for moving Philly from the precipice to prosperity.  And I have a vested interest because the Mayor affects the lives of us all - directly and indirectly.  

Mayor Michael A. Nutter is a great mayor, who had to spend his time and energy warding off onslaughts from Corbett and his crew - 30 schools closed; budgets cut; whatever Corbett could do to undermine Philly, he did!!  It's to Nutter's credit that he had the acumen, the dedication and the determination to not let it be as devastating as it could have been.  Now Philadelphia has to bring someone on board who has the same fortitude to take it further. 

If you don't make this event this evening - make it your business to attend at least one prior to the May 19th Primary (which also happens to be Malcolm X's Birthday - PBUH). 

After the embarrassing debacle and no-show in November, that has left President Obama practically under siege, we cannot afford that kind of ignorance in Philadelphia - everybody has a responsibility to get out and vote - if you're not registered, get it done now.  Let's end this laziness and apathy - it's your city, if you don't do what you need to do to make things happen, it will be on you.  And if you do  do what you must do to make things happen, it will be on you as well - but in a good way. 

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

Stay Blessed & 


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