Germantown Community Charter School committee needs you: January 15 at the SRC Monthly Meeting

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

First of all, a world of thanks to those who turned out in support of the first round of hearings on December 8 for transforming Germantown High School into Germantown Community Charter School.  We were a spectacular sea of green - and it was obvious that there is a very strong support for our proposal.

The second round of hearings for Germantown Community Charter School is scheduled for January 26 at 1:00PM.   And the regularly scheduled SRC meeting is set for Thursday, January 15 at 5:30 PM.  It is the only time that they will convene as a body, giving us an excellent opportunity to express our individual an collective support for the granting of the charter school.   It's an opportunity to speak before the board - each person who signs up to speak has three minutes to say whatever concerns in reference to establishing the school in the community.  We must stand for our children and for quality education.  

Once again we are seeking your support.  And please bring your friends and neighbors as well.  We will furnish the transportation - school buses leaving from Germantown Highschool at 4:30pm; and will also furnish Official Germantown Community Charter School Tees as well.  Snacks will be provided and we will transport you to and form the School District of Philadelphia.

As you know, Germantown High School was the only high school in Germantown, and served a broad based community.  We strongly urge everyone to come out and weigh in on the absolute necessity for having a school in Germantown.

OK Folks...time to get the word out....

Let's fill the bus!

PS: Those who received T-shirts on December 8, please wear them on the 15th.

Thank you for your support !

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