EVENT ALERT: Joe L. Dudley, Entrepreneur Par Excellence and Founder of Dudley Hair Care Products to be Honored

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

 You never know who you're going to meet when you're traveling around the various communities.  I was covering the kick off of the recently-held MED Week 30th Anniversary Celebration in Philly, and happened to speak to some of the participants.

As it turned out, one sister in particular, Kim Williams-Hunter, of WillHunt Biz Solutions, caught my attention when she mentioned that her organization was getting ready to honor Joe Dudley, founder of Dudley Hair Care Products, at a gala that will be taking place in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 2nd and Monday, November 3rd at the Airport Hilton on Island Avenue.  


I had to stop her to make sure she was talking about my old friend, Joe Dudley, who had relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Greensboro, NC to establish his hair care product manufacturing and distribution facility, when New York made it too expensive to set it up in Brooklyn?  She responded: Yes!

So then I asked, do you mean the Joe Dudley who has a Hotel, a Hair Care College, and an Entrepreneurial institute that people come to from all over the world for advice, sharing, assistance and support?  Again, she responded: Yes!  

Then I queried, is this the same Joe Dudley that paid for the relocation of his employes in Brooklyn to move to North Carolina so they could continue to work for him, and takes his employees on an annual cruise as a reward for their hard work and loyalty?  She responded: Yes! again.

Then I got really excited. When and where is he going to be here?  Is he also going to talk about the Majestic Eagles?  

You see, I am a great fan of Joe Dudley.  One of my heroes that most people only know about through the beauty parlors and hair care products that are being distributed all over the US and Caibbean.  Hair care products, I might add, that he formulated and developed himself.    I first met him in the early 90's after having attended a Majestic Eagles workshop at the Black Expo in New York.  I was invited down to stay at his hotel and meet him, his wife, and his principle employees.  What an honor!  I had a chance to see first hand the workings and the accomplishments of a man that most had had the audacity to try to count as inconsequential in his youth.  His story is one that should be shared, not only with our children, but with adults as well who think they can't make it because of the "odds" stacked against them.  Dudley proved all this to be fallacy.  And has continued to do so.  

Dudley not only reveres Black history, he is Black history - a living breathing example of what we're really made of as a people.  They had actually contributed funds to save Carter G. Woodson's Institute for the Study of Negro Life and History from being destroyed in Washington, DC.   As I sat in his Hair Care University, and later at his Entrepreneur's forum, I felt embarrassed to say that New Yorkers - no, most Black folks in the Northern area - had not gotten as far as they had in the South, where people were owning their own homes, had started successful businesses from nothing, and were working together in an effort to help each other grow their businesses into major successes.  I had to observe that we were far too selfish and mistrusting to do so.  It was embarrassing to realize how we in the North held ourselves out as being sophisticated, while our brothers and sisters down south were the real deal.  

If you've never heard of Joe Dudley, never been in his presence, never heard him speak, you're in for a wonderful treat, as well as a great opportunity. 

The upcoming workshop, appropriately entitled: I CAN-I AM-I WILL (IcanIamIwill) - is an indication of great things to come.  Needless to say, with a title like that, the presenters are in the business of taking care of business and making sure your business, regardless of what it is, becomes a success. 

Likewise the Awards Gala will celebrate those who have succeeded against great odds and now share their success with you and other entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in this world. 

Make it your business to be front and center for the workshops and the gala.  We are in the 21st Century, a pivotal time when we can either soar to the top or continue to hover somewhere along the bottom.  I predict this event will be inspirational and life changing for all who participate.

Make sure you log onto to www.iamicaniwill.org/classes
or Contact:
Kim Williams-Hunter
WillHunt Biz Solutions
"Providing SUCCESS Solutions for Business Challenges"
I strongly suggest you bring a note pad and a pen because there's going to be a lot to learn and you don't want to miss anything.
Stay Blessed & 
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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