By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Did you vote yet?  Do you know who's working for you and who's working against you?  Look at the track records of the Repuglycons - those in DC and in your home state, city, or county?  Are you better or worse off because of them?  Got unemployment insurance?  Better yet, got a job?  And for those of you who are either struggling to put your children through college, or are in college yourself, how's that working for you?  If you're a veteran, got benefits?  

Then you'd better make sure that when you go to the polls, no matter where you live that you pull the lever that is going to eradicate the republicans and teabaggers from your lives now and forever.  
This is 2014 - this is it. Primaries are where the rubber meets the road; General election is the final call.  Don't get caught with the same old dummies in the DC that have blocked your good and your benefit for the last four years.
If you're not registered, do so; if your neighbor's not registered, give him or her a card, have them fill it out and then mail it for them; got an 18 year old or one who'll be turning 18 by Nov. 4; get them registered as well - give them a voter registration card with their birthday card. 
No time to vacillate - it's on!! 
Time to take out the trash!!

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 6:35 PM, Team Switch, Alison for Kentucky <info@alisonforkentucky.com> wrote:
Alison Lundergan Grimes
"Mitch McConnell & GOP senators block student loan bill"
- The Courier Journal, 6/11/2014
Tell Mitch McConnell: It's time to raise the minimum wage

Did you hear?

Today Mitch McConnell delivered yet another blow to working families and students by blocking legislation that would ease the burden of student loan debt. McConnell is so out of touch with the lives of real people that he dismissed legislation that would allow millions to refinance their student loans at a lower rate as a "talking point."

Mitch McConnell and Washington just don't get it. Easing the burden of student loan debt isn't a "talking point;" it's a critical step toward helping working families build a future and put food on the table.

Today we're asking you to stand with our campaign.

Sign the petition and tell Mitch McConnell to support this critical piece of legislation. After 30 years of failed leadership and obstruction, it's time to act.

McConnell's move today is further evidence of where he places his loyalties: rather than standing with working families, McConnell continues to stand with the wealthy Washington and Wall Street lobbyists that bankroll his campaign.

Mitch McConnell has been in Washington too long to understand that helping families with the burden of student loan debt isn't about playing politics: it's about positively impacting the lives of real people. It's about doing what's right to strengthen the middle class and make sure everyone gets a fair shot – not just the super wealthy.

Enough is enough.

Add your name now and tell McConnell to end the obstruction and pass this bill.

Thanks for standing with us,

Team Switch
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