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Hello All:

As many of you know, I've been a feature writer, interviewer, commentator and photojournalist for quite some time.  Over the years I've written for and about the great and near great, sung and unsung Black men in our community - some were leaders, others regular brothers and sisters who were trying to make a difference.


The Black Report
Thanks for your donations and support - GDW

I've done interviews, personality profiles, breaking stories, celebratory articles, obituaries, and have basically done it for the love of it, for the most part - because I do love my brothers and sisters, and I know that the mean stream white media will either distort, misinterpret, or completely overlook who we are and what we do. 

Every year I go cover the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington DC from a "lay person's perspective, because the decisions and efforts on the part of our Black elected officials are important to us all.  

Most of this has been unpaid.  Not that I didn't want to be paid, but  the Black publications I write for don't have the budget to afford such services; so I've basically footed the bill on my own.  Rather than than not have the information made available so you can be kept abreast of  what matters to us as a people.

I've always considered my writing a gift and a blessing; and am proud to be able to tell our story.  And still do, but this year - 2013 - has been the toughest year of my life - emotionally, losing my husband, Lou Wilson on January 7, 2013; and the rest was kind of like a domino effect from that point on,  spiritually, physically, mentally and financially - I am at the point where I have more month than money - or zero dollars and zero cents.


The Black Report
Thanks for your donations and support - GDW
This means I can't pay for my internet, my cell phone bill, replace the camera that died on me - yes the one I use to take those great photos of you when you're getting that award, or making that speech.  Transportation to and from events have become a challenge, as well.

I don't like to borrow money from friends or anybody for that matter without a clear pathway of how and when I'm going to be able to pay it back.  That's the sure way to lose friends. It goes without saying that there has to be a tipping point, and I've come pretty close to it.

Of course, if I win the Mega Millions, obtain an a sugar daddy, a sponsor, or a rich relative suddenly leaves me a major inheritance, or a position that pays me a decent enough salary, I can live a normal life like the rest of my peers.  And don't think I'm not working on all the above - because I am.  However, at this point, none of them have materialized.

I hate the word "struggle"  the concept is one that I've avoided because it's a perpetuation of a negative situation.  I've been in prayer and mediation, visualization, and all the other metaphysical approaches; checked my belief systems, my forgiveness patterns, so I think I'm good there.  But the money just hasn't manifested.

When I put the "Donate" button on my blog (and you would have been so proud of computer illiterate me - it took me hours to figure out how to do that), I thought, my readers will see this and want to make a donation because they really value my writing.  It's actually tied into  PayPal, and is tax deductible.  And I do get some really great feedback from you.  However, even though I put a little caption at the bottom: "Thanks for your contribution and support - GDW" so far, nobody has done so. WoW!


The Black Report
Thanks for your donations and support - GDW

And since I'm constantly assailed with solicitations from all over the world, who state their case so eloquently, before asking for a donation, I began to realize that maybe I haven't stated my case eloquently enough, and that's probably why you overlook the donation button; or you say maybe next time; or you thing, I don't have enough to donate now, I'll do it later.  Believe me, I do understand - I've had the same thoughts myself when it comes to Move On, eCares, the DNC, and others whom I have supported in the past. 

The donation can be as little as $3.00 to $5.00.  And that will make a world of difference to me.  Of course, if you want to send more, that would be wonderful, as well.  In either case, I totally appreciate your generosity in keeping the wolf away from my door.  And believe me, he's been howling quite loudly lately.  If you contribute $5.00, I can actually make it through to 2014 solvent, instead of a net negative in my account, and put some food on my table. 

At the end of each of my articles I always close with "Stay Blessed"  because we are each put here to be a blessing to each other; so we are already blessed - it is our job to stay blessed.

Thank you for your generosity and support.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson  


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