Love to Barack and Michelle Obama in the Face of Bashers and Detractors

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

I've really been trying to keep a low profile and a civil tongue in my head since the election; but most of you know how I feel about Obama bashers.

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President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama at Ceremony for President Mandela in South Africa

It appears that a photo has been circulating on CNN the meanstream news and FaceBook, showing President Obama, the Prime Minister of the UK and some blonde female, having a light moment taking a "selfie" with a cell phone camera.  Michelle Obama is focused on something else at the time, and so was not a part of the activities.   What they did is try to make it seem as though something else was happening.

As a result  the negative mind of the rep-ugly-con dominated press, specious comments have been generated in the misinterpretation of the photo - which, by the way, I refuse to print on my Blog - it's done enough damage.  I am, however, providing you with a photo that was taken less than ten minutes before the one that was published, to show you how negative minds work.  They could have just as easily shown the one depicted here; or shown both, but they obviously wanted to plant a negative image - and it appears to have been a successful effort, judging from all the posts I've been receiving.

 Generally speaking, I'm usually dealing with those of the caucasian persuasion.  But something crossed my FaceBook page from a so-called "sister"  that had me spitting bullets.  She actually accused the President of being "unprofessional!!!"  That really pissed me off.  Then she accused him of having "jungle fever" and "flirting", and alluded to some "displeasure" on Michelle's face.  My response was that she was *"AR (anal retentive) for making such a dumb remark - and that she obviously was an operative of bone head Boehner.

*(by the way, I do not get into arguments on Facebook.  My contacts are in the main very positive and congenial - but I do not allow you to attack President Obama on my page EVER!!!  I am proud to say that for the most part all my FB contacts feel the same way I do; or we mutually agree to disagree without being disagreeable.)

 Fortunately, my sister/friend, P. Sylvie Yonke,  from the Continent, who has some inside traction with international media was able to get the photos, and sent me one taken by the same photographer within 10 minutes of the other one. 

This and the photo above were taken by the same photographer, but were not chosen to hit the media - they selected the more spurious version, which has no basis in fact, except for, of course, what they have chosen to feed the gullibles, and those who are Obama's detractors. 

Barack & Michelle Obama at Mandela Ceremony in South Africa

The assinine person who said the was "flirting" or had "jungle fever" is clearly suffering from a severe case of self hatred and wanted to project that on to President Obama. 

I do want to thank you guys for introducing me to the term "selfie"  - I must admit that I never heard of it before yesterday.  Fascinating how they chose to couch that as some kind of breach of protocol on President Obama's part.  He was at a celebration of Mandela's life.  It was not about gloom and doom.  He was with peers -  professionals and dignitaries from all over the world, who were obviously happy to see him and Michelle.  Today after all this crapola in the media, they must look upon America and its meanstream media with something akin to disdain, if not mild amusement.
It is apparent that the meanstream media will go to great lengths to try to denigrate President Obama.  What I find offensive is when "negroid" ('cause they sure ain't Black) sycophants help them.  Makes me wish we had some kind of modern American MauMau to deal with them.   As if he doesn't have enough detractors - when one of our "own" crosses that line, they need to be excised.  Oh, well.  I guess it's why we have freedom of speech, isn't it?  It also gives us the freedom to be dumb as a box of rocks.

Also, any one who thinks that Michelle Obama should have been president because the President has a sense of humor, or knows how to kick back and relax, needs to likewise be dealt with.  And, footnote:  President Obama is married to one of the most beautiful, smartest, graceful, intelligent, Black woman on the planet - where in the hell do you read "jungle fever" in there? 

Something is seriously wrong with the "soul" of the person who cosigned this crap.   I want to thank my other FaceBook Sister, G. Gomez for sending this one to me. 

If we continue with this divide and conquer, crabs in a barrel garbage, we deserve to continue to be relegated to the underbelly of this country.

We (Black people) managed to elect Barack Obama President of the United States of America - twice; yet we can't seem to use that same power for our own good.  We have taken to sitting on our haunches, waiting to see what the meanstream are going to do next, and blaming others when things don't get done in our one neighborhoods.  Guess what folks, it's up to us to keep the momentum going.  What is so tragic is the predictability of our inability to take a victory and make it sustainable.  We are poor winners.  And we're big whiners.  We think that we can just sit back and let Obama do all the work, take all the hits,  and things will fall into place magically.  Well it won't - we have to vote, we have to work together, we have to coordinate and keep the momentum on. 

And for all you armchair "Presidents" who speculate on what you would do if you were Obama, take some of those theories and apply them in  your own communities.  You don't have to wait for him to get it done for you.  Do it yourselves.  Maybe if you do that you won't have time to sit and glom on to a piece of garbage the meanstream press releases.  You'll be nation building.
We've got a major election coming up in 2014.  The fact that they can set Black people against the President over a photo makes me nervous about where we'll be and what we'll be doing when it comes time to get the rep-ugly-cons out and replace them with supportive Democrats so he can complete the agenda he initiated for us in 2009.  If we're this gullible now, it won't take much for us to sit on our behinds again, like we did in 2010, and let the same thing happen again.  Wake the F up Black people.  Practice being Black and Proud, not Negro, negative and stupid.  It's time to change our DNA (Dumb Negro Actions) once and for all.   

  Much love and admiration to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.


Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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