Harlem Residents Up to here with ersatz mayor Bloomberg barriers

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This is an article that was filed in the Daily news by Simone Weichselbaum today, and speaks to the angst and aggravation many have endured under the tyranny of the ersatz mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.  There are more than a few who will be happy to see his reign of terror and error end, and can't wait for the upcoming formality of electing a new mayor to be over.  

The new mayor (Bill DiBlasio) will have his hands full -trying to take the city forward, and simultaneously trying to undo the harm that has been visited on many of the low and moderate income communities under his over extended regime.  One community in Harlem has already made their wishes known, loudly and clearly about these so-called islands and traffic barriers that have been erected in neighborhoods where they were neither necessary nor welcome.  Causing buses to ride up on sidewalks, cars to back up to a creeping crawl, these eyesores pop up in the most unexpected and unnecessary areas.

Many recognize that while Bloomie has done little to nothing to advance affordable housing in New York - more likely he has been instrumental in more overpriced properties, resulting in forcing native New Yorkers to live outside the confines of their own city - he somehow has been able to find the money to build these barriers that benefit no one but his construction cronies; but can't help home owners or potential home buyers or beleagured renters retain the roof over their heads. 

I have often maintained (still do) that Bloomie has no love for New York City or New Yorkers.  They represent his cash cow.  He walked in with $5 billion - is walking out with 5 times that amount, according to rumors.  Additionally, a mayor who consistently lies to his constituency, betrays their trust (the term limit and the switching between parties spring to mind; but I'm almost sure he had to know about Bernie Madoff, after all he is Bloomberg publications), shows that he has no respect for us here in the Apple.  Closing 160 schools, instead of improving them; revoking the licenses for day care centers so working women had no place to leave their children during work hours does not indicate a mayor who acts in the best interest of his constituents.  

Bloomie has been trying to slow down, or retard New York from day one.  While at the same time making it clear that his primary interest is in the well heeled, lined pockets of those of his cronies who have become the bane of our existence.  

There is an old song, "glad you're gone, sorry you stayed so long" that will most likely be on the lips of many New Yorkers who have been holding their breath collectively in an endurance contest that should have long ago been curtailed.  

Hang in there Harlem, it will soon be January 1, and a great deal of the cause of your pain will be over.  Just make sure you maintain vigilence, and nail down everything you have, so that it's there when the smoke clears.  

The article from Daily News follows.

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Harlem residents to next mayor: Tear down the new traffic safety lanes by Marcus Garvey Park 

City slowed down cars on the west side of the uptown park by removing a lane of traffic. Many "locals"* cheer the work, but not all do. *(GENTRIFICATION LOCALS)

	Members of Mount Morris Takes Action stand in the so-called “Bloomberg Beige Beach."

Members of *Mount Morris (*this has been MARCUS GARVEY PARK  for 25 years now) Takes Action stand in the so-called “Bloomberg Beige Beach."

Residents near Marcus Garvey Park are demanding the city undo its two-month-old “traffic calming” effort on the west side of the greenspace because it’s driving them crazy.
The Department of Transportation removed one lane from the two-lane, and oddly named, Mount Morris Park West over the summer — then filled it in with brown gravel and big boulders.
The alteration accomplished the agency’s mission — slowing down neighborhood traffic — but a new group, Mount Morris Takes Action, said the adjustments were forced upon them.
They’re already calling for the city’s 109th mayor — whoever he is — to remove what foes call the “Bloomberg Beach” between W. 124th St. and W. 120th St.
“We are just getting started. We are going to fight this,” said Chet Whye, one of the cofounders of the group.
The budding organization wants Community Boards 10 and 11 to back its campaign — and has collected 1,000 signatures on a petition complaining of traffic since the roadwork was completed.
“We want the city to pull this thing up. We want these things gone,” Whye said.
But the Department of Transportation says its work worked — and some locals agree the area is better.
This car crashed into a home on W. 120th St. — before the city redid the street to reduce speeds.

*This car crashed into a home on W. 120th St. — before the city redid the street to reduce speeds.  *(ACTUALLY THIS WAS A FLUKE; NOT KNOWN FOR HIGH SPEED TRAFFIC IN THIS AREA)

“It is not as pretty. But it is much safer around here,” said W. 120th St. homeowner Tim Leitch showing off pictures of three cars which slammed into his million dollar property. “The Department of Transportation should be complemented.”
The city has made traffic calming a priority under Mayor Bloomberg. The work on Mount Morris Park West added new crosswalks and sidewalk extensions, while eliminating two-lane turns from W. 124th St. and onto W. 120th St.
The low-cost roadwork mimics efforts made in other locations — most notably in Brooklyn’s main crash zone of Grand Army Plaza.
Agency spokesman Seth Solomonow assured the renovated street was staying put.
“Early indications are that speeding has dropped dramatically and motorists are adapting to the changes,” Solomonow said. “Still, as with all projects, we continue to make minor adjustments.”
Mount Morris Takes Action griped (?????) transportation officials should have held neighborhood forums discussing the plans before unleashing the construction crews.
“The Bloomberg administration has no consideration for this community,” said resident Janice Mouson. “It is a beautiful historic neighborhood. They just chopped it up.”
Mouson and her comrades hope the new mayor and his transportation commissioner will change the city’s approach.
“There is a new government coming in. This is not the final word,” Whye said. “It is not dead for us.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/uptown/harlem-residents-don-traffic-calming-article-1.1478887#ixzz2h5Kuw7if

Now that you know, what will you do?
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Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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