EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT TO ALL AMERICANS: It's time to repeal the rep-ugh-blicans & tea baggers

Hello All. 
October 1 is shaping up to be pivotal day in our history.   Letitia James is in  a run-off for the role of Public Advocate for New York City, and the Rep-ugh-blicans and tea baggers are threatening to shut down the government unless Obama Care - the Health Care Reform Law - is repealed.
And I've been posting the following message on my and otherFaceBook timelines.
While we can certainly continue to carry on fun conversations and pass on wonderful images, we cannot ignore the evil that lurks among us in this country. 
I've only seen this kind of evil depicted in the movies in old George Stevens black and whites. You know the ones where the bad guys were so uber evil there was no way of mistaking them. You had to totally dislike them. And the hero was so totally good, you were immediately on his side, and you backed him up; and when he won, you cheered his victory. 
I thought this only happens in the movies, brothers and sisters. Well, guess what. Such evil does exist in real life; it lives among us, and has been elected to offices in Congress. The ring leader is a bozo from Ohio. But he is by no means the only culprit. 
We are the hapless "victims" in this scenario, unless we act to do something about it. We can't afford to just sit on our hands; watch the news, read the papers, and shake our heads. This is a threat to our very lives. Our well being. And the teabaggers and the rep-ugh-blicans are at the bottom of all this. 
This is rep-ugh-blican garbage. It's time to take out the trash - we need to get a movement on to recall the members of Congress who are responsible for the government shut down, or even the threat of government shut down.
I am also calling on Marc Morial and  the Urban League to boycott Cincinatti, Ohio, which is where their next convention in 2014 is set, as long as Bone-head Boehner is in office. We cannot underwrite their crap. 
I think we should be passing on empowering people to get rid of the congressmen/women who have no love or respect for the people they purport to serve. Stop paying their salaries. Get them out of office. Like a dishonorable discharge - no further benefits until they are gone. 
We make too light of this racist move against President Obama. We need to see it for what it is. This is no time for jokes. No time for passing the buck. No time for wait and see. They must go. NOW. 
Please copy and pass this on. Down with the Rep-ugh-blicans. They are evil, and they must go. 
Stay Blessed.
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 Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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