Rep-ugh-blican dominated Supreme (?) Court Takes a Strike at Black People's Voting Rights - Why Are you surprised?


By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

All I have to say is that in May of 2012 I said the Supreme Court injustices should have term limits.  I made the case that most were political appointees - and even after that regime is out of office, they still continue to do their dirty work - witness the Presidential selection between Al Gore and George Bush, where it was clear that criminal acts had transpired in Florida, yet the Supreme Court put Bush in office anyway.

And let's not forget the little matter of (in)Justice Roger B. Taney, who, in the Dred Scott decision, said that a Black man had no rights that a white man was bound to respect.   That was back in the 1800s! These turkeys have been trying to find a way to put Black people back on the plantation for quite some time now.  However, what they didn't count on is the fact that in the 21st Century, we don't play that.   

The Voting Rights Act was Lyndon Baines Johnson's greatest accomplishment.  These red necks who were members of the solid citizens of the solid south (and no doubt first cousins to Paula Deen), got pissed off, left the Democratic Party and invaded the Rep-ugh-blican Party in order to punish them (and us).  They packed the Supreme(?) Court with (in)justices during the Bush error (uh, era) and really smacked us in the face when Justice Thurgood Marshall had to step down because of health reasons, and they gave us his exact opposite under very public and controversial hearing - Uncle Thomas Clarence (do you wonder what that guy sees when he looks in the mirror in the mornings?)

These are excerpts from an article that appeared in READER SUPPORTED NEWS, MAY 2012:

"Let us remember the lesson of Bush v. Gore: once the Supreme Court veers, it is all but impossible to get it back on track. We should have thus learned that our Supreme Court can and likely has or will gut and destroy our nation. But in Citizens United the Court (5/9 thereof) upended nearly a century of prior actions -- no "stare` decisis" for those 5. It backtracks when it's "reached" by interests other than the parties of record in a case."

"Citizens United is the best Supreme Court ruling money could buy. The justices will not prosper while sitting, but think they will ever go wanting for something down retirement road? Or their families or however else money can be funneled to them? Now just imagine a President Romney nominating either one or two new justices to the court. This is one of the most frightening possible futures in American history. One or two more Scalias or Thomases and Citizens United will seem tame by comparison to the bizarre rulings capable of coming out of that potential court. For the sake of this country's future as a Republic and a Democracy of and for the people (minus Citizens United), President Obama must be reelected in November."

 "All it takes to stop the Senate is to threaten a filibuster, without even having to filibuster. What can you do to put the brakes on a deranged and extremist Supreme Court? Pass a Constitutional Amendment? The SC Justices are virtual kings, with minimal checks upon their increasingly fascist behavior. With a stroke of the pen, these people could overturn the Health Care Act, passed by both houses of Congress and supported by the President. How come just five people can so easily stop the work of the other two branches of our government? They can just swoop in, with no Constitutional authority whatsoever, and select the President. "Get over it!" Scalia said. The Supreme Court is the weak link in our so-called democracy. I think two of them ought to be impeached (Roberts and Thomas), and I think the Republican Party needs to be crushed for the next several elections."

And a last (but not least) warning to those of you who may be vacillating about the petition: "Thomas Jefferson warned the people in 1816 about the SCROTUS (uh, SCOTUS). "To consider the Judges as the ultimate arbitraters of all Constitutional questions (IS) a very DANGEROUS doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the dispotism of an OLIGARCHY". People this country is in deep trouble!!"

I recently wrote an article, which appeared in Our Times Press (Brooklyn, NY), in reference to the rather odd decisions being handed down by the rep-ugh-blican-dominated Supreme Court, and the fact that they don't have term limits. Not only that, it's truly interesting and ironic that the Supreme Court allows corporations to donate to political campaigns, but non-profit organizations are not only not allowed to contribute, they are not allowed to endorse or advertise in the behalf of the President, or other candidates! Fearful of losing their funding, organizations have been stymied - walking on eggs. They are being bullied into science, under the guise of ethical practices, exacted against them via the most unethical means possible - the threat of punitiv, pseudo legal reprisals leveled against them. Americans are being held hostage by the very people who were supposed to be the protectors of their rights and liberties. What then does one need to do in order to be liberated from this tyranny? Frankly, the petition should have included a demand for term limits on the Supreme Court Justices, starting with the current incumbents - no more that 12 years for any one term.

Interestingly enough, no one has come up with the idea of occupying the Supreme Court; but perhaps this is the time to take them off the sacred cow list, since it is evident that they don't hold Americans' lives and wellbeing sacred or important. In the interim, if you want to prevent big corporations from disenfranchising you and your neighbors, sign the petition, and pass it on.

As with everything else here, we have to maintain vigilence.  It hasn't changed.  We have to vote in every election like our lives depended on it, because, as you can well see, they do.  These people mean us no good.  And it's been evident down through the ages.  The only way we get justice is when we stand up, together, united, and wrest it from their cold vampirish hands.   They are counting on there being no more Thurgood Marshalls among us.  They are betting on being able to get away with this scott free.  They are assuming that we don't have the intelligence, the unity and the professional representation to make them back down and reverse this decision.

I'm betting that we not only do have what it takes and who we need, that there are a lot more people who are not necessarily African American, but who are American citizens, who are just as outraged as we are, who are likewise looking to make sure they go this far, and no further.  
what benefit is a Supreme Court if it's a tool for the oppressor?  

It is time for good men and women of consciousness in Congress and in the communities they purport to represent, call for TERM LIMITS for the Supreme(?) Court, immediately, if not sooner.  They may well be the albatroses who push our country into fascism.  

Now that you  know, What will you do?

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson 

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