Presenting One Line Artist Sir Shadow's "The Ocean of Life"


By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

The wonderful thing about being a writer is that I get to meet so many wonderful, talented, creative, profound people.  And that is particularly true of a long-time friend whose unique talents continue to unfold in front of our very eyes. 

Many of you have seen the wonderful works of this artist - the artwork is made from a single line into some of the most profound, intricate images.  The backdrop is usually  Black construction paper, using either gold or silver markers for emphasis.

Sir Shadow's works can be seen displayed in offices, restaurants, homes, books, calendars, posters.  Many of us have gawked in awe while Sir Shadow engaged us in conversation, and simultaneously created yet another masterpiece.
This eloquent, laconic, yet understated showman has a way of mesmerizing you while he weaves a work of art using just one line, which has now officially become known as "One Line Art."  "My pen never leaves the paper!" he states while continuing to concoct some new and enigmatic masterpiece.
I've known Sir Shadow for eons.  He was my husband, Lou Wilson's best friend and confidante.   They were buddies from New York to California and back again.  Thru thick and thin, Sir Shadow has always been a ubiquitous part of our lives.  Many a time, after a performance, Shadow would sit with the group (Mandrill) and turn out wonderful, customized artwork for them to take home and enjoy.   I am so happy to say that I have many of his images among my own personal collection.

Never having been a one dimensional person, Shadow's talents are manifold indeed, as evidenced by the vast body of written prose and poetry he's compiled over the decades. 
Philospher that he is, he indicated that he had done his last Calendar, and the book was the next step in his life's journey.  "It's basically already sold," he stated enthusiastically.  "I have so many people interested in when I'm going to actually publish it, I can only say 'to be continued.'"  Actually, as far as I've known, he never does anything without first putting it in his imagination.  He sees it done before he even lifts a finger to do it, and lets it evolve under its own strength.  I'm trying to learn to have that same spiritual mindset.  It's a much happier and fulfilling lifestyle. 
On the threshold of penning his first book, he shared a beautiful piece entitled "The Ocean of Life,"  with me, making me promise, in turn to share it with you.  This is a presage of things to look forward to in his upcoming book.  (most of his work is in silver or gold on a black background; however, not yet having the graphic skills, you'll just have to use your imagination - I only have this - black and white).

So, in keeping with my promise, I'm sharing it with you now - and you are, in turn, charged to share it with others as well.  There's meaning in this profound piece for everyone who reads it, no matter what station in life you currently find yourself in.  As I re-read it, I find even more to relate to in my own life

So enjoy:  


by Sir Shadow

In the ocean of life, no one is responsible for your joy or happiness.
If you wait for someone else to make you happy, you will be sad a long, long time

In the ocean of life, there is no wrong or right -- just the weak, wise and strong.  Find out where you belong before you decide to leave home.

In the ocean of life, there's only one rule: be an individual.  This is the only way you will be able to survive surrounded by fishes with human faces of all shapes and sizes.

You will know by their actions if they are sharks, shrimp, snails, or whales.  Don't be surprised when you find that some fish lie from time to time; nor is there any reason to complain about the sharks who decide for the weak and confused what to think or do.

Know who you are as an individual.  Have your own goals and rules if you don't want to be part of the sharks' school.  You must realize it makes no sense complaining and blaming others to justify why you are swimming around with a negative attitude all because you choose to become a victim.  No matter the set back, "bounce back."

Find out where you belong in the ocean of life, maybe in a river, lake or pond,; and if necessary, under a rock alongside the snails, crabs and eels to avoid becoming a hungry shark's next meal.

It's a big world...use your imagination to live out your positive dreams.  Only you can have the power to create the joy and peace needed in your reality.

Don't become your own worst enemy of the sea and blame me!

Sir Shadow's life long achievement award poster. 
Sir Shadow.com 2/5/2013

A wake up call.  Job well done.

If you want more info about Sir Shadow, log on to www.sirshadow.com, or check him out on FaceBook.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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