By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Just received this notification from Ben Jealous that Troy Davis was executed in Georgia. And I had a "why am I not surprised" reaction to the news. Even though I had signed the petition to save this brother's life, I knew these racists had already set their minds on killing him. It's an interesting game of pushme/pullyou - the more we beg, plead, present arguments, reason, and logic, the more pleased they are that they have a certain power, and the less likely they are to be - what - "merciful, reasonable, compassionate" ?? They love it when we beg, it makes their "no" even that much sweeter to them. They could give two sh-ts about justice when it comes to Black people, and they've proven it over and over and over and over... you get my drift.

So this is the response I penned to brother Ben Jealous, at 5:00 AM, September 22, 2011:

Cut to the chase Ben:

It was the racist south thumbing their noses at Black people, showing who and what they really are - for all the world to see. They still hold to their statement that a Black man has no rights that a white man is bound to respect. And so it goes on and on and on. We have to stop anesthetizing Black people to this b.s. and get them to see the evil for who and what it is.

Two cops in New York City, who were patently guilty of rape, were set free -- and they were seen on video tape!!!!

A french "duplomut" was allowed to walk after accosting a Black African woman who stood up for her rights as a woman. Their excuse, she told too many stories. Oh, really??? Let her have been a white woman and he a Black diplomat - they would have detained him until hell froze over.

I know you get it my brother. I know you understand exactly what happened here. But it's hard to admit that 40+ years after the Civil Rights Act was passed in these United States, that the beat and the racism goes on unabated.

What drove it home for me was the percent of Black people living in the US. When I was a kid in high school, we were 23% of the population -nationally - we have, in 40 short years gone from 23% to 12%. Where are the other 13%? Did they evaporate? Did they move out of the country? Where are they? or rather, where are we? Between drugs, accidental shootings in the back; diseases we never heard of before; medical mal practice, environmental racism and a whole host of things, they have managed to quietly decimate the Black population. (Of course, some of this is self inflicted, via Black on Black crimes, gang activities, abortions, etc.)

I guess I was kind of hoping against hope that the red necks would back off for once in their little miserable lives. They've been so busy lately. But apparently they never tire of making other people's lives miserable. (Sorry, I'm being a little blatantly Black - I'm also quite infuriated that they had the audacity to go forth with the execution. So, in reality, I'm writing with a great deal of restraint - I have other more graphic terms, but it would sully my Blog.)

So, no Troy's name won't be forgotten - But more importantly, let's not forget what the circumstances were, and who had a hand in making it happen; as well as who did nothing to prevent it from happening. Time to take a new tone - take a new stand - come to a new reality - overcoming some day is definitely not soon enough. I also want Black Americans (as well as the rest of our Black people) to also begin to really screen the stuff they watch on TV. There is a not-so-subtle form of brainwashing going, and we're buying in to it. No more Vampire shows - we got enough blood suckers in Congress - spend your time on how to exorcise them. No more just allowing them to feed you their version of the "news". Time to question motives, reasons, options, and what it means to, for, and about us.

And we have to change the verse to the song "We Shall Over Come". It puts our victory in a perpetual state of futurity - We need to; must; have to; had better over come NOW!!! Some Day ain't soon enough.

Later will definitely be to late. They are like dogs; once they bite you and taste your blood, they never stop, because, quite frankly, they enjoy it.

Also, any and all individuals who do not support Barack Obama for re-election in 2012, may as well take the gun and shoot themselves in the foot now - and it doesn't matter which one, right or left because you will be just as lame regardless. Don't sit there and let these vultures in the meanstream media convince you that the President is not doing his job. It's all part of the propaganda to show that "the white man's ice is colder" and you don't have the complexion for the connection (got that from Paul Mooney).

Time for the New NAACP to move the agenda forward.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Ben Jealous's Letter Follows:
On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 12:09 AM, Ben Jealous, NAACP wrote:
Dear Gloria,
Tonight the State of Georgia has killed an innocent man.

In recent weeks, we fought hard for the commutation of Troy Davis' sentence. More than one million of your petitions were delivered. Protests, rallies and vigils were organized around the globe. Tonight, we fasted and prayed together as a community.

I have spent the past week with Troy's family. He wanted the world to know that he understood that this struggle goes beyond just one man. Troy was prepared to die tonight. As he said again and again, the state of Georgia only held the power to take his physical body. They could not take his spirit, because he gave his life to God.

Let's remember and heed Troy's words: We must not let them kill our spirit, either.

Troy's execution, the exceptional unfairness of it, will only hasten the end of the death penalty in the United States. The world will remember the name of Troy Anthony Davis. In death he will live on as a symbol of a broken justice system that kills an innocent man while a murderer walks free.

The world will remember Troy's name, as the death penalty supporters who expressed doubt in this case begin to doubt an entire system that can execute a man amidst so many unanswered questions.

The world will remember Troy's name, as death penalty opponents who remained silent in the past realize that their silence is no longer an option.

The world will remember Troy's name because we will commemorate September 21st each year as both a solemn anniversary and a call to action. The night they put Troy Davis to death will become an annual reminder that justice will not be achieved until we end this brutal practice of capital punishment.

"This movement," Troy said, "started before I was born." After tonight, our movement will grow stronger until we succeed in destroying the death penalty in the United States once and for all.

I know you will join me. Together we will secure his legacy, and the world will remember the name Troy Anthony Davis.

In solidarity,

Ben Jealous
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