By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

This is a personal, but essential Thank You Note.

I could not in clear conscience let another second go by without having done this: I must express my sincere and profound gratitude for a set of ANGEL/FRIENDS who would not let me go down in the dust.

When you have people in your life who absolutely have your back, like I have just discovered that I have, you know that these are no ordinary people, but have to be elevated to a new level of being. Therefore I have coined the term ANGEL/FRIENDS.

I had recently hit a wall, which so many of us in the US are facing, where we've run out of options, and everything appeared to be crashing down around me. I had prayed, meditated, and done everything I could do in my human capacity to try to avert the inevitable. But it looked as if everything had tanked, and I was going down for the count.

Though I continued to pray and meditate, I had quite frankly, literally run out options. At least I thought I had. As Joel Osteen often says, while we operate on the natural, God operates on the Supernatural, and makes a way out of no way.

And that is exactly what He did. He gave me a band of ANGEL/FRIENDS, who rallied around me - despite hurricane Irene; despite the fact that they themselves were facing challenges of their own; despite the fact that on the natural realm it was deemed impossible, they pulled me through, jerking me out of the very jaws of seeming defeat.

In paying tribute to my ANGEL/FRIENDS, I am also thanking God, the Living Spirit Almighty for having brought them into my life. Without His empowering them to move heaven and earth collectively, I doubt seriously I would be sitting here writing this to you today. As Israel Houghton says in his song, "I'm Still Standing!" "Thanks Be to God."

So to my ANGEL/FRIENDS: Asante Sana, merci beaucoup, gracias, danke schoen, arigato, and above all thank you so very much for being there for me. I extend my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you; my blessings, my gratitude, and my hope that your lives will always be filled with love, peace, poise, prosperity, success, happiness, health, wealth, abundance, fulfillment - or the next best thing.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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