by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Eclectically and Avidly Black Woman of Elegance. Proud Mother of three beautiful young adults. Grand Mother of five grandpeople. Former wife of an "Ape" (Lou Wilson of Mandrill); Former African dance artist; Always an educator & counselor, community activist. Writing since age 3, (and my handwriting never got any better). Feature writer/photo Journalist; Public Speaker.

Of Black & American Indian heritage, originally from Oklahoma City, OK, with family bloodlines from Cherokee, Crowe and Creek Nations (Five Civilized Tribes) & Proud Of It (despite the racist efforts of white indians to put us out)!

Party Animal who enjoys the company of my fellow New Yorkers and the international set (Africa, Caribbean, Brazilian, Japanese, etc); love good comedy, good people, great friends.

A child of the 60s, I was raised in the NAACP Youth Council; participated in sit-ins, the Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma, Virginia, Philadelphia, and New York, Activist and Advocate for Black Empowerment & Unity Worldwide. Named one 25 Phenomenal Black Women Writers of 2010 by Our Times Press; and Phenomenal Woman of New York Global Biz Magazine 2011.

"Sayonara", "Carmen Jones", "Gone With The Wind", "Avatar", "This Is It:Tribute to Michael Jackson", anything produced by Oscar Micheaux; any of the old Black classic movies; most old black & white movies; all classic cartoons and animations.

Anything by MANDRILL, Israel Houghton & New Breed; Jazz, R&B, Soul, Caribbean, African, West Indian & East Indian Music, Classical Music; African music of all types, Steel Bands, Kora, and most celestial music.

Sayonara by James Michner, From Slavery To Freedom, Science Of The Mind By Earnest Holmes, Riches Within Your Reach by Robert Collier; Anything by Reverend Fredereck K. Eikerenkotter, affectionately known as REVEREND IKE; Resurrection, and any other books by Neville Goddard.

Writer, speaker, educator, I have written for and about most contemporary Black political figures, celebrities, artists, unsung s/heroes for over 30 years. I a known for my one-on-one personality profiles; incisive writing style, and no nonsense manner of relating the untold truths about Black people, our culture and our history. If you are looking for someone to tell your story, contact me at gloriadulanwilson@gmail.com. If you are looking for some to host an event, or address students about Black History contact me at gloriadulanwilson@gmail.com

My formal education consists of a B.A. in Sociology from Lincoln University; MS Guidance and Counseling from Hunter College, CUNY; Certification in RE Appraisal from New York Real Estate Institute (2011); FCC License in Broadcast Journalism;

Eclectically Black People -African/American/Caribbean/South Americans, Affordable Decent Housing, Real Estate, Co-Homeownership, Celebrities Who Make a Difference, President OBama & 1st Lady Michelle, Elected Officials Who Make a Difference, Political Issues, Education, Children of All Ages (1-100years old) Empowering Africa, Things/People Japanese, Profiles on Black Business Executives, Grassroot Community Leaders & Unsung S/Heroes, Movie Scripts, Poetry And Children Stories, History - everybody's & Culture; gourmet cooking, Sewing, Designing keep me centered; Above all else Health and Happiness and Living Happily Ever After.

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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