EVENT ALERT: Guinean Victim to Thank Supporters at Press Conference to be Held In Brooklyn Today

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Well, despite the attempts of the meanstream press to slant the story in a hostile direction, Ms. Nafissatou Daillo will hold a press conference later today, at 12:00 noon in Brooklyn, on the steps of the Christian Cultural Center, 12020 Flatlands Ave.

This communique was received from The African View hostess/founder, Boukie Shonuga of Nigeria, who plans on attending the conference with a view toward interviewing the victim. She has requested that you, the readers, forward any questions you may want answered to her so that she may query Ms. Diallo on the situation.

Joining her will be a host of community and religious leaders from the African, African American, Christian and Muslim communities, who are all solidly supporting Ms. Diallo, as she stands for her rights as the victim of sexual harrassment and assault.

Present will be representatives from the United African Congress, members of Ms. Diallo's union; Mr. Kenneth Thompson, the victim's attorney, and Rev. A. R. Bernard, among others.

As usual, the meanstream media is trying to conduct hearings by newspaper, rather than allowing the legal venues to take their course. In doing so, they have alleged that she has made untrue statements, has crossed herself, etc. However, the preponderance of preliminary evidence points to the veracity of her story.

As with many other cases of this nature, it was assumed originally by the perpetrator that it would be his word against hers, and her story would be ridiculed and ignored - after all, who would take the word of a Black woman over that of a white man? When, as it turned out, Ms. Diallo's story was believed, they had to find a way to discredit her, poke holes in her story, casts shadows of doubt on her character.

And, while the Post and other publications have made it their business to make mincemeat out of her statement, the Black community, including Continental Africans, African Americans, African/Caribbeans and others from throughout the Diaspora, have begun to look askance at their reporting methodology and their bias against the victim.

The public is to come out en masse, to support as well as to stand solidily with her in her quest for justice. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: (212) 541-4316 - (347) 613-6330 - (917) 375-7141 - GDW

What follows is the formal press release itself:
"New York, NY, 7/27/2011— Ms. Nafissatou Diallo, the 32 year old immigrant hotel housekeeper from Guinea who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the Sofitel hotel on May 14, 2011, will personally thank the broad coalition of New Yorkers who have supported Ms. Diallo and her young daughter throughout this terrible ordeal.

On Thursday July 28, 2011, at 12PM at the Christian Cultural Center www.cccinfo.org, Ms. Diallo will stand with African community, religious and women’s organizations under the leadership of the United African Congress, along with union members, Pastor A.R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center and her legal counsel.

Ms. Diallo is standing up for the rights of all abused women fighting for their rights and their dignity. And many community, women organizations and faith leaders stand with her. Bukola (Bookie) Shonuga, Executive Producer/Host The African View
www.africanviews.com, www.BlogTalkRadio.com"
- B. Shonuga

You will note that among other elected officials, New York State Senator Bill Perkins has taken a very active stand in this situation, and has warned District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, as well as lawyers for Strauss-Kahn, that trying to dismiss her allegations based on perceived "discrepancies" wasn't going to cut it. He has consistently stood for her right to a fair and speedy trial, and has led demonstrations in her behalf to bring even more community support to bear on the situation.

Strauss-Kahn, who was able to buy his way out of Rikers Island, is apparently being coached by individual who are skilled at casting aspersions on key witnesses and victioms in order to weaken their testimony. However, the DNA evidence, which is supposed to be incontrovertible proof, as well as the "No means No" rule in New York, extends as much to Ms. Diallo, as a maid, as it does to anyone else.

The communities are coming out from every quarter to make sure an indictment is brought against Strauss-Kahn, and that justice is served.

See you there

Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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