Psychology Today article about Black Women's Lack of Beauty

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

On May 18th one of my illustrious Lincoln Classmates sent me this onerous piece of crap written by someone claiming to be a scholar and psychologist from Japan. And he asked my response to it. At first I thought it was a joke. I have quite a few very good friends from Japan, so this kind of blindsided me. Then as I read it, it I realized that if this guy is in England, he's so far from the real world, surrounded by whiteness, that he's totally clueless about his own self worth, let alone anything to do with us of the deep, dark sweet chocolate nature. So my response is as follows:

To all my Black and Beautiful Brothers and Sisters:

I have read and reviewed the article (see links below) sent to me from my Lincoln University (PA) classmate - thanks Jon!!

I must first state that I, and several of my Japanese friends and associates, are stunned and outraged that such a miscreant could write such an article and have it published in a manner that it could have been given credence (it harkens back to the old days of pseudopsychology, when whites thought they could psychoanalyze people based on the size of their ears, or the shape of their heads).

As for myself - beautiful, sexy, ethereal, intelligent, symmetrical, full bodied Black Woman that I am - whenever I encounter such stupidity, several things come to my mind:

2) Black is beautiful
3) We are the originators - often imitated, never duplicated
4) Even Japan can produce its share of fools - so stupidity is not the exclusive province of europe or white American red neck racists
5) It gives us a legitimate opportunity to stand up and trot out all the good stuff we do, have done, and are (some might call it reactionary, I call it validation and affirmation)
6) Nobody's perfect, but we do come closer than most - yes, I would probably be one of those who rated us more beautiful than the rest of society would - after all I love being Black - and I'm buying the tee-shirt to prove it
7) Satoshi's in England - which essentially means he's already whited out
8) Every race of women, so far, wants what we have - bigger boobs, bigger butts, fuller lips, pigmentation, hair with texture, curves, rhythm, sensuality - I could go on, but why bother, it only makes them more envious; you get my drift
9) Even our errors are correct; we've started more trends that have been ripped off by more people from more cultures than I care to deal with at the present time - you owe us and you're welcome!
10) Psychology Today!! Are they still around? Shouldn't they be analyzing America's mass victim mentality syndrome for having elected Bush twice; or for having allowed themselves to be swayed/duped by the so-called Tea baggers (uh, Party - oops) - and the lack of self esteem that allows them to let rep-ugh-blicans walk up and down their spines - at least we're not the masochists in this scenario.
11) By the way, tell "Psycholopathy Today" we want a percent of the increased revenues they realized for the sales of their sorry pseudo-scientific publication that purports to have legitimacy in the realm of psychology.
12) And a final word to Satoshi-san: Once you go Black, you never go back. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.


And to all my Black Brothers and Sisters:

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

check out my blog: www.gloriadulanwilson.blogspot.com

Oh yes, the letter and references to the article follow. You can cut and paste them into your browser.

Here's REALLY something to talk about...

> Subject: Psychology Today article about Black Women's Lack of Beauty
> I saw this story on TV this morning and got the online version from a couple of friends. Apparently Psychology Today took the story off their website but there's a link on The Grio story and we can still call the magazine and express our feelings about this article. Their number is 212-260-7210. It's amazing that a psychology magazine could print something like this as if it were scientific fact.
>> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/17/satoshi-kanazawa-black-women-less-attractive_n_863327.html

> While searching for this topic, I found another article from Psychology Today written by a Black female doctor that praises Black women's beauty, strength, tenacity, faith. Hopefully this will get a tenth of the exposure that Kanazawa is getting with his opinion that's masked as science.
> http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/black-womens-health-and-happiness/201104/are-black-women-really-seen-tv

Now that we know that Psychology Today has no sense of propriety, why are people reading them again?


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