President Obama Keeps His Word Again - Now it's time to keep ours: BOYCOTT TRUMP

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Osama bin Laden has been captured and killed. This information shot across my computer screen while I was working on transcribing a recent interview. At first I thought, okaaay, this is some kind of spam or joke. But when the following message indicated that the President would be addressing us from the White House -and it was after 11:00pm, I realized, this is serious.

How proud are we of our President for having led the charge, and as usual, kept his promise, to do what he said he would do?? He pledged to get Osama bin Laden - and he did it. But what I really, really appreciated, was the cool, calm, caring debonair demeanor he assumed as he made his announcement.

No gloating, no pompous bombacity - no "mission accomplished" sneers. No! Our President - The President of the United States of America the new and improved President of the United States of America, Barack Obama - first of all addressed the families of those who had met their demise at the hands of Bin Laden during the tragedy of 9/11. Then he commended those soldiers who had valiantly worked to track him down over the past ten years, going into Afghanistan, risking life and limb to bring Bin Laden to justice.

He, likewise, gave the Pakistanis their due for their cooperation in helping to identify and locate bin Laden's lair. He was, in other words, a true dignitary, worthy of the mantle PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. And, while the death of anyone is nothing to applaud, I applauded the fact that this indeed brings closure to the illusive criminal who was the mastermind behind the devastation that rocked my city and my country, killed thousands of innocent people, and left in its wake a paranoia that America has heretofore never had to suffer. And as one who watched in horror from my living room as those planes hit that tower, and was a part of the triage that tried to save so many wounded and injured and, yes, dead, on that horrific day, I have to say to President Barack Obama: JOB WELL DONE, MY BROTHER.

While Donald Trump was contorting his face in the most demonic manner calling for certificates of live birth; while Boehner and his miscreants were gathering to take yet another bite out of the programs the President had put together for our benefit; while the tea baggers (er, party) were jumping up and down on yet another misbegotten concept, that would be sure to be to the detriment of the country in the long run, President Barack Obama was taking care of business - as usual. While the media was trying to dredge up the off shore oil spill fiasco (which really started under Bush), Obama was making decisions of a much more weightier matter. The apprehension of bin Laden, alive if possible, dead if necessary.

And he did it! Not Bush, Obama. You dig?

As I watched the President speak, and switched to different broadcasts to see what their slants were, I also realized that when it came to reporting the news, MSNBC generously re-ran his entire statement sufficiently so we could get the full measure of the magnitude of the event, as well as the stature of the man who had made it happen.

I for one am very proud of President Obama.

On ABC-TV however, George Stephanopolous interviewed more of George Bush's former aids than he did anyone from the White House. I grew tired of hearing them try to claim any share in this major victory. What was up with that? (Also, saw few, if any Black reporters at the helm talking about the significance of this latest victory on the President's part. HINT: President Obama, I am available!!)

After 9-11 Bush went into Iraq. He manipulated the emotions and fears of Americans and went after Sadam Hussein, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 at all. Killed the wrong man for the wrong reason, and virtually started a war that did not need to be. The so-called weapons of mass destruction proved to be a pretext on the part of the Bush II Administration to vindicate Bush I. In the meantime, finances, resources that should have gone towards rebuilding this country, strengthening the educational system, providing jobs and health care for Americans have been siphoned off in the name of a bogus war. A war that has seen insult after insult; disgrace after disgrace sully and tarnish America's "home of the brave and land of the free" image (okay, okay, we Black Americans know that it's a facade anyway, but they took it to an even newer low - leave it to the Bushes -that's their stock in trade, seeing how low they can go before somebody actually stops them). Remember, it was they who took a surplus and turned it into a major deficit. Can you say economic downturn; mortgage backed security fiasco; predatory realty practices?

With Bin Laden out of the picture, and with the ever more vigilant forces rooting out the rest of el Quaeda, President Obama can focus on fulfilling the rest of his promises - Universal Health Care; quality education, increased quality of life; affordable housing; and gainful employment/jobs.

This also puts so you called "birthers" on notice - you do yourselves, this country, "We, the People", and our President a disservice with this racist tack that you've been fostering. Even though the proof of President Obama's birth has been presented, it was really a non-issue to begin with. A diversionary tactic to misdirect the focus on things that were really inconsequential and mediocre at the core, while other, more important issues were being neglected. It is clear that while you were working on your negative tact, President Obama was dealing with much more essential issues. So, in light of this most recent development, you are shown even more to be the fools than we even know you to be.

But your misdeeds, and that of "the Donald", will not go unnoticed or unrecompensed. WE THE PEOPLE have called for a national boycott of all things Trump - casinos, TV, health products, etc. We do not need multimillionaire racists trying to dominate the air waves, spewing hostility and negativity. Trump's message, his so-called candidacy and his TV shows are bankrupt, just like his humanity.

As our favorite comedian/philosopher, Bill Cosby, has rightly identified, the remarks Trump made about Obama are ridiculous. And for us to continue watching him, and legitimizing his crap is likewise RIDICULOUS.

A letter forwarded to me from several sources, including Bea Dupont, and my best friend, Ann in Philly, is only one of many calling for a boycott of ALL THINGS TRUMP, and should serve notice on the Trump empire:

4/28/11 Subject: Boycott The Celebrity Apprentice and All of Donald Trump's Ventures
Family & Friends, Bill Cosby slammed Trump on the Today Show regarding his ridiculous actions and remarks about our President.

Lawrence O’Donnell the host of the Last Word a program on MSNBC noted a few nights ago the ratings for The Celebrity Apprentice have been dropping since Cosby slammed Trump and also because of the statements Trump made regarding Obama. Also, NBC the station that televises the Celebrity Apprentice will decide whether or not to pick the show up for another season. The date NBC decides to pick up the show for another season is May 16th. Let’s band together and show Trump he’s not as great as he think he is. I am pleading with each of you to forward this email to all in your address book and ask them to forward it to everyone they know. We should also boycott his casinos, hotels, etc., anything with Trumps name on it. This man does not respect our President nor does he respect Black people, referring to us as “The Blacks”. So let’s show him just how important he’s not. Trump needs to pay for his outrageous antics. Please pass this along to everyone you know. Thanks

Additionally, William Reed noted in his latest piece, "NOT JUST ANOTHER EMPTY SUIT": "Seems that all America’s Black Ladies’ Clubs have banned together to "boycott Donald Trump until he admits that President Obama was born in the U.S." Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” television show, his casinos, office buildings, and hotels, have been put in economic peril by little gray-haired Black ladies (where has this man been, we are not little old gray-haired Black ladies - look again!)

Anywaaaaay, you get the drift. Before those of you who were planning to jump ship, join the other side, or throw your hands up and throw in the towel in reference to our President, make a wrong move, check out HIS track record; not the verbiage and antics of the detractors. Remember, the enemies of Obama have had centuries of practice in detraction from the good we have done. It's nothing new. He is the target. But he is neither distracted, dismayed, nor deterred by their disses. He remains focused and on course - and we have to do likewise. He needs, and deserves, our strength and support through thick and thin. So let's be about it.


Stand and vote for those who stand for and with OBAMA. The 2012 campaign started the day before yesterday, and we're on the late show. Make no mistake about it the Repughblicans are going to try to detract from this latest in Obama's long line of victories with lies and distortions. Our job is to make sure our base and those around us know the truth and are not fooled by their b.s.

Now I could have ended article this right here, and it would have been a perfectly wonderful blog. But, no! Here's where I really get on my soap box: Our President is up to his eyebrows in alligators - or should I say vampires!! You see, because we didn't get the majority of Democrats elected, or re-elected to Congress, the support he needs to do what he is trying to do for us is in jeopardy. We have to be on our J.O.B. and make sure, going forward, that any up coming elections - even if they are for dog catcher - if the person is a Democrat, we have to back them. We have to regain the majority in Congress in 2012 and send the vampires (Rep-ugh-blicans) back to their bat caves, to hang upside down in the cobwebs of their racists conservative bloodsucking mentalities. This is a pitched battle. And we have to emerge victorious.

When I attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver,Colorado in 2008, I bought a pin that had then candidate Obama on it with dark glasses. The caption on the pin read "MISSION/POSSIBLE!" It's my favorite pin, and I wear it with everything, regardless of the occasion (my friends will attest to this). It has been an inspiration to me when I face challenges, and things seem to be stacked against me. As with Obama, when he ran for President, "Mission Possible" has been my mantra.

So I am saying that as we go forward to re-elect President Obama for a well deserved second term; and forward toward leading better lives in our own right, towards having a better government, and legislators that are responsive and responsible to us: "MISSION POSSIBLE" - because we are indeed a mighty people.

Take care &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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