Vampires Take Congress in 2010 Midterm Elections

by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Well Halloween just ended, but the night of horror lingers on in another, more heinous form. It’s interesting. I used to think that America’s fascination with vampires only extended to television and the movies. I used to try to figure out why all of a sudden we had a new spate of vampire oriented movies - even vampire love stories where mortals are actually involved romantically with these evil mythical characters. Worse yet, there are now actually TV vampires with a conscious who actually have scruples and fight each other to save their mortal counterparts from their blood-sucking peers.

But now I understand. Americans are fascinated with vampires! They keep bringing them back over and over and over again, because they are gluttons for these abusive blood suckers. Americans love abuse. It’s what they know. They lionize them, make TV series about them, write novels and diaries about them.

But the most serious issue yet is this: Americans elect vampires to Congress! Which is exactly what happened on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

So it must be obvious that Americans love blood suckers. It’s perfectly clear to me now. They are suckers for blood suckers. This is why they could allow one to be elected president for 8 years and never complain. Oh, they might gripe and grumble, but take action against them. Absolutely not. They're too in love with the pain. Why else would they allow them to hold positions that bleed them dry in every conceivable way. They practically open and expose their necks to make sure they hit the right vein!

The ignorance and gullability of mainstream white america for Vampires is in their blood. The practice of such nefarious acts of racism, ethnic cleansing, greed, malfeasance, environmental desecration, unjust wars, and economic apartheid - under the direction of the former head of the CIA (who they “selected” president); and his offsprings - another blood sucker who was "selected" president (twice); who wrecked the economy, drained the nation of its lifeblood are characteristic of political vampires. These "Bushwhackers" have left us lifeless and listless, trying to get transfusions from any source possible to resussitate those who are now walking zombies.

So, of course, when a hero, such as President Barack Obama, comes through who would restore the mainstream back to health, they can’t handle it. He has done everything short of driving a stake through their hearts to provide America with a stability it has never had; while at the same time trying to rid them of the vermin and residual horrors that have permeated the government and contaminated the system under the previous administration, ever since they started using their powers for evil back in the 60’s.

Vampire lovers would rather go back to the bad old days and the enemy they know, who skillfully used the power of propaganda to lie to their face while stabbing them in the back, than to do the right thing. They would rather be sucked bone dry, down to the marrow. Like having Dracula in the middle of the night, those whose will has been bent under the psychological brain drain, find themselves going back for more punishment.

The Tea Party and the Republican Party message is literally: "I want to suck your blood." They may claim to be talking about taxes, but what they're really talking about is how to bring more pain, while they and their cronies get over like fat rats in a cheese factory. That's what they did when they broke the economy. That's what they did when they stopped unemployment payments. That's what they tried to do when they tried to block the health care bill. That's what they've done since they jumped ship from the Democrat party and invaded the Republican Party, which was originally the party of Abraham Lincoln, and began to cannibalize the members until it is now a mere shadow of its former self. Talk about vampires (Oklahoma got caught in that switcheroo, and by the time they found out what was going on, it was too late -- the vampires now roam the plains).

Their complaints that things are not moving fast enough are bogus. They took eight years to destroy the economy and take a surplus and turn it into a major deficit. Their complaint that the rich are getting richer, and we’re not getting anything, is because they can't get the under the table money they've been accustomed to receiving.

But we also have to face the fact that some of the Democrats who call themselves “blue dog” may actually be more racist than right wing Republicans. Some of these blue dogs have conspired against the President, putting U.S. in the middle of even more madness. These are the vampires' minions. They pretend to be with us while steering us into their lair; or openly block policies that would be beneficial, because they tbemselves are vampire wannabees. This leaves us open to even more ridicule as the rest of the world watch us get bogged down with infighting. So, if in disgust the voters throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater to try to get rid of them, it's only natural. That's what the mid-term elections are about!

Here they go again. Talk about your self fulfilling prophecies!!

But, now that I understand what the real underlying problem is - America’s love of political vampires - I for one won’t be trying to defend or rationalize this situation any more. I will stop trying to put a hopeful spin on these issues. I will stop trying to show white America all the wonderful things President Obama has accomplished under these most difficult of times.

I now understand that vampires, when they’re going for blood, could care less about human benefits, humanity, love, equality, or anything else. They carry their coffins around with them so that they only have to have a very surface interaction with you - just enough to get your blood and go to the next victim.

No, my concern is now to continue to talk to our base - us, we, Black folks. I want to make sure that we are no longer on the late show. I want to make sure we have plenty of crosses to wear around our necks (Vampires hate God/Good); to keep garlic around the periphery of our domiciles, to always operate in the sunshine so we can see through the bull and maintain transparency. We have to keep plenty of mirrors on the walls. Remember, vampires have no reflection because they have no souls. We on the other hand, the people of soul, are required to make sure, as the man/woman in the mirror, that we “make that change” Bro. Michael Jackson sang about.

Like “Buffy” the vampire hunter, we have an obligation, locally and nationally to make sure that the Tea Party/Republican/Right Wing/Racist vampires know that we are not allowing them to suck our blood. We will not let them undo the good that has been done. We are protecting ourselves and our families, and expanding our bases of power.

We are gathering around our heroes, especially President Barack Obama. We will equip him (and ourselves) with the oak stake and silver bullets. We will continue to support him in his effort to keep America from becoming Transylvania.

We are, as Stevie Wonder says, “amused, but not amazed” by the things they do. While they may have made some interim advances in the so called mid term elections, to us it’s nothing more than the same propaganda you proffered when Clinton was president. It’s the same big business vampires as usual trying to undermine the people who are the life’s blood of this country.

But this time we see them for who they are; we really smell the sulphur! Their fangs will be broken, their wings will be clipped, and we’ll send them back to their lair in the caves from which they emanated. The cobwebs are being swept aside, and we’re burying the corpse of their last bankrupt administration with them.

We now know our power. We are strong and getting even stronger, despite your efforts to make it seem otherwise. We have already wrought miracles by electing the greatest President this country has ever seen -- Barack Hussein Obama. We know he is the greatest president because he is catching so much flack from the vampires who feel themselves being threatened by his power. They are pulling out all stops to keep us as their victims.

Now we have to pull out all the stops to stop them. As an old African Proverb says: “Snake at your feet, stick at your side!” (now I truly hope I don’t have to explain this to you; it should be obvious. But just in case you don’t get it, I’m not talking about physically beating anyone up. I’m talking about gathering our forces to be impervious to any further incursions on our intelligence, our souls and our lives). Vampires can no longer exert psychological warfare on our hearts, minds and soul -- or our livelihoods.

For starters, we will stop regurgitating chapter and verse everything we hear on the Continuously Negative News Network (CNN- uh N), or read in the white newspapers! Stop quoting stats, becoming part of their self-fulfilling prophesies (you know the ones that say that Blacks are more likely to lose, be poor, sick or unhappy, or what ever), and then we go about trying to make those predictions reality. We quote this crap as a way of showing that we are well read, not realizing that what we are really doing making ourselves fit into their narrow negative view of who they say we are.

Our words have power, because they mirror our thoughts. Thoughts are things. The things we see around us are a result of the thoughts we think. They manifest into reality. So if we let political vampires program our thoughts so that we are thinking the worst of ourselves, and then acting them out in reality, we have very much invited these vampire into our homes via our psyches.

On that note, I want to give kudos to my fellow New Yorkers, regardless of race and ethnicity. We’ve proven in New York that we are no longer part of the mass mind group think syndrome. We are no longer schizophrenic -- you know, predominantly Democrats in number, yet allowing our state to be run by Republicans (I.e. Pataki, Giuliani). We are well on the way to getting the vampires out of our midsts.

Yeah, I know - the Freedom Party didn’t fare so well this time around. But they took a major stand to shake off the vampires as well. That stand will be the basis for even greater accomplishments down the road. By the way, I think they should join forces with Brother Jimmy McMillan (The Rent is Too Damned High candidate), and begin to consolidate those efforts and energies to help even more people get out from under the influence of the vampire. His message was/is every bit as much compelling as that of the Freedom Party. Besides I love his wit and humor, laced with matter of fact veracities that can’t be escaped or evaded. Nothing like humor to get the point across - especially when you're serious.

Whatever we do, we must do it now, and keep it going. Now is the time to expand the numbers of our vampire slayers so that we can make it to 2012 with our souls and lives intact. We cannot walk around like zombies and disembodied souls, devoid of will or focus, allowing the vampires to think they’ve gotten away with anything. Already they're getting comfortable, gaining confidence. Bush came out from under his rock and is doing an interview with Matt Lauer. The 700 Club is getting bolder on TV with it's negative news couched in Christianity. It's a entire short time between now and the next election. We have to start now to make sure they are completely out again in 2012).

Like President Obama, we don’t give up and we don’t quit. Vampires, the embodiment of evil, have been made into heroes by Americans, while the real hero, has been miscast as the villain.

And since like their predecessors -- Nixon, Regan, Bush, Ford -- these vampires are up to their old tricks, it's up to us to treat them like the evil they really are. But instead of saying "be afraid, be very afraid," I will say be aware, be very aware. And then take necessary action to stop them before they spread and multiply.

It's time to tell the truth, shame the devil, and save the soul of America, in spite of themselves. And remember, the soul you save may be your own.

So Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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  1. The Fall Guy
    Posted March 17th, 2008 at 10:36pm

    It is clear that a large number of America are not pleased with either Obama or Hilary. Since there hasn't been an assassination in a long time. The method today is to discredit the individual. Since we have not been attack and the current policy has kept us safe at home. I feel, that within 90 days, that we will be attacked in America. So they can say, that the democrats were weak on defense with no experience.......

    To me, the "Good Old Boys" set the brother up 6 years ago. They knew Hillary was running and they have shown they Don't want her.

    The Obama campaign reminds me of a movie made back in '68, "Wild in the Streets". An old politician hires a rock star to play at one of his rallies to draw young voters. It back fires and the rock star realizes the potential of his influence and runs for office and wins. The Good Old Boys, the hippies and rockers all know this movie.

    Check it out! The theme: The more things change, the more things remain the same.

    Ivan Butcher II
    St. Croix V.I.


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