By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again. The so-called ethics committee is going to “investigate” Congressman Charlie Rangel.

Don’t you find it interesting that this is similar to the b.s. investigation they leveled against Adam Clayton Powell Jr., when he became head of the House Ways and Means Committee, and attached more bills in favor of African Americans to any bill on the floor in the history of Congress? They came up with trumped up charges against him as well, and finally were able to use their bogus allegations to drive him out of office.

Interesting isn’t it that both men are Black, both from New York, both take principled stands, and both were head of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee?

Does anyone see the parallel between that and now? Is this a familiar issue to us? You bet your sweet a___ it is! Who here really believe that Charlie Rangel is guilty of anything egregious enough to be brought before the committee. Who really understands it’s the same yellow journalism that has been leveled against President Obama. The mainstream media have been used by the right wing to hound him, in much the same way they did Bill Clinton, to blow out of proportion issues that should not have even made a quarter inch column.

Compared to his track record, this is minutiae blown out of proportion. But, as with anything, we are not only ten times more talented, we are generally painted as ten times more guilty and culpable than any white (yes I said it) white congress person, white president, etc. We have to see it for what it really is. There is no ethics in the ethics committee. It’s in name only. It’s convenient when they have allowed the court of media-fanned public opinion to push them into knee jerk action.

Case in point: Where was the ethics committee when people like Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd were around? Both were blatant racists; both card carrying members of the KKK. Both were segregationists, racists. Their just making an apology does not mitigate what African Americans suffered at their hands. How can we be sure that Charlie Rangel is being dealt with ethically, equitably, with the same criteria the give their Caucasian peers. Why should we give credence to this trial; where they tie his feet to the fire, while the others are able to skulk around, flying low under the radar.

Where were the ethics when the Vice President Cheyney under George Bush, Jr., accidentally on purpose shot someone during a hunting trip? Where were they when Cheyney was running the White House and ruining America by fiat? Where were they when the entire bottom dropped out of our economy, under the advise and consent of key people in the Republican dominated administration?

I find it highly unethical that the ethics committee is basing its so-called investigation of Rangel on media hype and digging; kind of funny, because I’d be willing to bet that most of our elected officials have one or more home; have one or more business connections.

If they Democrats are worried about this splitting the party, the Republicans should be petrified with fear. We do recognize where this is coming from. The same people who tried to have Clinton impeached. We over understand the situation. That does not mean that so-called "blue dog Democrats" are not on our radar, but character assassination is the province of the Republican party. In either case, both parties will be walking on eggs if harm politically, socially, financially or emotionally comes to Congressman Rangel. WE ARE WATCHING AND REGISTERING. Consider the consequences.

In case you missed my point, I reiterate, the blatant difference is that both Charlie Rangel and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. were and are Black.

Yes, I said it! It’s racist b.s.

Charlie has apartments that are under market value? When did he purchase them? How can you tell when the New York market, particularly in Manhattan, and especially in Harlem, has been so jacked up and over inflated over the past ten years that no one really knows what the market it.

Since the ethics committee didn’t deal with Byrd, or any of the other characters who have committed egregious acts against America, Republican and Democrat, they get a vote of no confidence from me.

I would love to know what the Ethics Committee’s standard, or code of ethics consists of. Share them with the world, so we can see if they are truly equitable. List them so we can all see them. Then I think we should have full disclosure as to where each member of the ethics committee stands or falls along that criteria. Additionally, who are their contributors? How did they get elected? Who’s in their closet? What’s their track record? If they can’t stand the litmus test, they shouldn’t serve on the committee.

Biblically speaking, he or she who is without sin can cast the first stone.


Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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