ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS: Fundraising/Special Events Intern Wanted For Summer Internship + BONUS EVENT ALERT FELA ON DISPLAY

By Gloria Dulan Wilson

This was sent to me by a good friend in the film and photography industry. If you have a college student in your family or in your community, please pass it on to him. I apologize for sending it after the date, but I just received it myself. I am making the assumption that it is still available, or he would not have sent it to me. So, give it a shot:

Fundraising/Special Events Intern for summer internship to work two to three days per week, twenty plus hours during Summer 2010. Looking for someone who is energetic, articulate with strong writing skills, highly organized and passionate about development and outreach for theatre and film.

Rico Workshop, a nonprofit production company in NYC is seeking a development and outreach intern to support its fundraising and outreach efforts for the upcoming production of Aime Cesaire’s A Season in the Congo, one of Cesaire’s most relevant works that explores themes of racism, colonial repression and political betrayal. The play will be presented in the Fall of 2010 as a multi-media production with projected film, video, soundscapes and choreography.
· Intern will report directly to project director and work closely with the producer and the development committee of the project, learning all aspects of organizing a successful outreach and fundraising campaign.
· Responsibilities include: donor research, event planning, grant proposal writing. Must be a strong writer, have excellent communication skills, work well under limited supervision and be extremely organized.
· Requirements: The intern candidate needs to be interested in the field of development, event planning and management, fundraising, communications and media relations. Helpful if candidate has knowledge or prior experience in theater and media production.
· This position is open from today, June 10 through August 31, 2010. Please consult your college or university to confirm that credit is allowed for summer internships. There is no pay; there is a small stipend of $75 per week for expenses.
· This internship will be a great opportunity to understand organizational challenges of producing edgy cultural programming. It will provide a rich experience working with a project that pushes the limits of cultural expansion, promotes creativity, and propagates political theater.
If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested, please respond to Rico Workshop Productions at ricosp8@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Al (Santana)

Process Is Everything
video sales

Al Santana is not only a very dear friend and associate, but one of the leading photographers and producers in the world today. That said, anyone working with him,or one of his associates is truly "walking in high cotton." And to be working on a production by the great Aime Caesaire is truly a monumental opportunity. Hopefully this will launch a career for one of you, and a long standing relationship, as well. Actually, even if you don't get the internship, it would behoove you to maintain communications with these two great men for future reference and opportunity.

Just to clue you in on who Al Santana is, he just opened an exhibit that will be the buzz for quite some time to come, entitled:

Life After Death: An Analysis of the Persona that Was/Is Fela Anikulapo Kuti

© The Santana Group: Marilyn Nance, Al Santana, Ali Santana & Rafia Santana

Opening Reception was Thursday June 10,2010, with continuing views from Friday, View
June 11 through August 6, 2010 at the famed Caribbean Cultural Center African Diasporic Institute (CCCADI)
408 W 58th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues, New York NY 10019;
Tel: 212-307-7420 ext 3008

Curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis & featuring the work of The Santana
Group: Marilyn Nance, Al Santana, Ali Santana & Rafia Santana.
This exhibition pays tribute to one of the African Diaspora's most influential living ancestors as well as critiques the complexity of his persona. Life after Death is a visual homage to a musical genius and one of contemporary history's most powerful protest artists including never before seen photography by Marilyn Nance of Fela at the Africa Shrine, Lagos Nigeria.

I wish I could copy some of these images for you so you could see how striking they are, but my skills run to writing. So you'll just have to go and see them for yourself. If you've seen the musical production, FELA, on Broadway, you have some idea of how wonderful, colorful, and poignant these can be. Make it your business to go, and while you're at it, take some friends with you. Fela was a force of nature, and for someone to capture that in picture and on canvas is truly a work of art. Check it out for yourselves though.

Marilyn Nance

So respond to the Internship opportunity and make it your business to see the homage to FELA. Have a wonderful summer.

Stay blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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