By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

Especially to my sisters and brothers in the world of Journalism and Writing:

Evelyn Cunningham was truly a trailblazer. Even unto her 90's she always stood tall and unwavering in her beliefs and her support of Black People.

She would be at practically all programs having to do with the uplift of Black people, sitting tall with perfect posture, always smiling, always pleasant.

She has made her transition within the same time span as Dr. Dorothy I Height, and Dr. Benjamin Hooks -- all great Black leaders, great Black communicators, Great Black Activists.

I think we can do no less than to be there tomorrow (today), May 4, 2010 at St. Philips Church (134th between Lenox and 7th Ave) at 2:00 pm, to honor her in her homegoing memorial, knowing full well that when we come out, we have to go and get our shoe sizes checked, because we can no longer walk in the ones we are accustomed to.
We've now got even bigger shoes to fill.

Actually, we may even have to develop a love of hats and a sense of humor as well -- be cause Evelyn will be keeping a running report to Dr. Height, who in turn will pass it on to Dr. Hooks.

Let's don't get it twisted -- we are none of us too busy to honor those who blazed those trails.

Stay blessed
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Watch for my follow up on Ms. Cunningham's homegoing ceremony in upcoming blogs

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