It's Sunday, March 21, and it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I'm like a kid in a candy store. I always love birthdays, yours, mine, my kids, my grandkids, others - but especially mine.

I've heard others say they stop counting birthdays after a certain point as though that stopped them from coming. But to me, it's not about counting years, or whether I look younger, older or exactly my age -- it's the fact that I'm still here to celebrate it.

It means God The Living Spirit Almighty has a great and mighty work for me to do; S/He wants me here on this side of this plane of action to get it done. It means that I'm still a vital part of the human fabric. I get to write one more day, laugh and joke with my friends; design another outfit so someone can walk up to me and ask "where'd you get that?" Or somebody will read something I wrote and say "tell it, Gloria, tell it!"

I love my birthday because my grown kids have a "race" to see who can get their birthday call in "first". Usually starts somewhere around midnight. Although my eldest, Kira, always emails me a day or two in advance to ask me where I want her to send my gift. My baby child, Adiya will call sing Happy Birthday in a comical voice, and we'd talk for about an hour or two. My handsome son, Rais, generally forgets -- so the girls have to get on his case.

I used to have big birthday bashes -- especially on milestone years -- I guess it's especially during these time that I really miss Perks - our hang out during the 80's and 90's. Each year, Hank Perkins would throw a major birthday bash for me -- we always had people show up from all over the planet. Rain or shine we boogied til we couldn't boogey no more. I've tried giving birthday parties in other venues since Perks was sold, but it never turned out the same. I guess the vibes just weren't there.

I love birthdays also because it's an opportunity to celebrate the person - which is pretty easy to do when you're an Aries. It's kind of difficult to keep us from bragging about who we are and what we do Truth be known, Aries are not necessarily known for their modesty. You generally know we're in the room. So, for us not to celebrate would be cause for concern -- if you ever hear an Aries say they're just going to stay home and meditate on their birthday -- ask them if that's before or after the party. The second question would be to make sure they're all right and not trying to cover up some illness.

Of course, because today is Sunday I am somewhat limited in what I can do -- but like the true Aries I am, I knew something appropriate would materialize. And there it was. I knew that God, the Living Spirit Almighty was really smiling on me, because as nearsighted as I am, sitting on a bus, heading for a seminar, and I still managed to see a little sign on a side walk announcing the appearance of ISRAEL HOUGHTON at Brooklyn Tabernacle. You notice that I put his name in all caps? It's because I just love the music and lyrics of this brother.

So for my birthday, I am going to the Brooklyn Tabernacle on Smith Street between Livingston and Fulton in Brooklyn, for a concert with my favorite praise and worship music leader of all times: ISRAEL HOUGHTON!!!!!

Israel Houghton is performing today, March 21, my birthday, FREE, at Brooklyn Tabernacle -- and I plan to be there front and center. Singing my heart out, and soaking up all that great inspiration Israel Houghton's lyrics impart. I wrote about him back in December when he appeared in the Bronx. I went to see him then and he did not disappoint. If you've never experienced his music and his lyrics, you are in for a treat. He's Joel Osteen's praise and worship director, but he's so much more. ISRAEL HOUGHTON is a feel.

So if you are looking for something special to do to help me celebrate the first day of my Birthday, meet me at Brooklyn Tabernacle today, Sunday, March 21, 3:00 PM. And if you can't make it there in the flesh, I know you'll be there in spirit.

So consider this an invite of sorts to my birthday. I am not only celebrating myself, and thanking God the Living Spirit Almighty for life, love and friends, but I'm celebrating you as well, because you are on your own God-designed mission, and our paths have crossed and moved in concentric circles sufficiently enough that I can call you friend.

And by the way, happy birth day to my TWIN, Earl. Hope you're celebrating in the grand style to which you have become accustomed. And to all my Aries brothers and sisters, you rule! Have fun, enjoy and

Stay blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


Israel Houghton was fabulous. The line outside the Brooklyn Tabernacle was down the block and around the corner. They had 8 overflow rooms and still had to turn people away. He truly made my birthday a memorable one. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his concerts, or catch him in Houston at Lakeside Church (Joel Osteen Ministries) where he is the praise leader, do so. Thanks for the many birthday greetings. Stay blessed. Gloria

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