By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Now isn’t this just amazing! The head of the Transit Authority finds that the incompetence of their book keepers have overlooked a $400 million dollar deficit and that they suddenly have to renege on their original promises, and will now cut back on services and simultaneously start charging students to ride the system, where heretofore they were able to ride free.

And guess what, to show that the pain is being passed around "equitably", the newly appointed incompetent, who replace the previous incompetent as chair, will take a 10% cut in his $300,000 salary - big whoop. It makes better sense to cut him and all the incompetents that have invaded the public space, but have no interest in working in the interest of the public they purport to serve.

Well, New York, if you buy that, I still have a bridge for sale that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, and is only slightly used.

How many of you now realize that this was the REAL plan all along.

How many of you now realize that the MTA Board, packed like it is with Bloomberg appointees, were just waiting for the election to be sufficiently over before they started their latest shennanigans?

And how many of you realize that this nonsense usually starts in December when so many of us are focused on Christmas shopping, and during the colder months where it would be difficult to do without a functioning transit system.

To say that there is a method to their madness is an understatement. To say that they believe that they have New Yorkers by the short hairs is obvious. To underestimate the wrath of New Yorkers when you’re trying to screw us is stupid.

It’s time for some job cuts, all right -- and it has to begin at the top and should not stop until all the fatheads are gone.

It’s time to open those books for real. As Alan Hevesi said, they keep a double set of books, and the ones they show the public are not the ones with the real figures in them.

The transit system has been running a game on New Yorkers for quite some time now, and it’s gotten to the point that we have to nip it in the bud immediately if not sooner. Protests alone will not do it. It’s time to slap an injunction on any fare hikes, cut backs, disruption of services and let our attorneys general -- both state and federal -- have a look-see into what is really going on in our underground railroad.

Most of the characters on the MTA Board don’t even ride the transit system. They have chauffeurs to carry them around. They have been appointed by the “czar” of New York who is now getting ready to start an illegitimate third term as mayor.
He’s already shown what we are in for by trying to raise taxes on properties, and vetoing a piece of legislation that would give muni-meter customers a 5 minute grace period. As one New Yorker said, Bloomberg is "super rich, he doesn’t care about the people of New York unless they are as rich as he is."

Well, New Yorkers, what are we going to do with this most recent slap in the teeth at the hands of the TA? Stand up or be railroaded? It's time to get our state elected officials, the Governor, and perhaps even the feds, to put a halt to this debauchery. It's time for those who represent us to stand up for us. New York is under siege from practically every angle. Now it's time to deliver some GOOD NEWS for Christmas and beyond. There needs to be a complete and total clean sweep of all the MTA headless honchos, and replace them with people who live in and love New York and know what they're doing.

Likewise, the news media needs to stop making this a fait’ accompli. It seems there are no investigative reporters on any of the media any more - just regurgitators of information. Don’t know what school of journalism you went to, but when something smells fishy, it means you have to do more than just report, you have to look into it and find out what the Sam Hill is going on. Inquiring minds demand answers. Now!

Those of you who are a part of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) likewise need to be on top of this issue. You’re next! As I have said when they transformed token booths to empty boxes with no one to service the commuters, by the time they get through, robots will be running the system, and you all will be out of a job. These cut backs are aimed directly at you as much as it is at we the New Yorkers who ride the system daily.

The NYCTA transit system is the heart, nerve, and sinew of New York City, and someone is getting ready to do a hatchet job on it. By the time they get through we will be bleeding from every turnstile, with whole corridors of track drained and lifeless.

By the way, the MTA is playing a simple game of sleight of hand. They have you looking at the trains, which are doing a record job, but their real cash cow is the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA), where the money comes in by the truck loads -- literally. They’re not broke. They’re just trying to make us broke. Don’t get railroaded by their greed. ###

Stay Blessed &

Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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