BY Gloria Dulan-Wilson

And for those who don't know me, I'm Gloria Dulan-Wilson!
Wow! I finally got it up and running. I've wanted to do so for quite some time, but I've been too busy writing to write one.

At last, with the help of a dynamic sister, Ms. Von Doane The Blogger BlogMaster, I'm actually sitting down and doing this.

I've been a communicator all my life; and a professional one for over thirty-five years -- including writing, radio, television, screenplays, poems, activism -- you name it, I've been trying to communicate with our world for at least that long.

As an activist at the early age of 10 with the NAACP Youth Council, I sat in, prayed in, picketed and protested; and later with the friends of SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) in the early days of Black Power I took my activism to another level.

As a feature writer from the Daily Challenge News, the New York Beacon, The Black Star News, The African Sun Times, or Our Times Press I tried to keep you informed when the mainstream tried to keep you misinformed or uninformed.

Numerous forays on the now defunct Donahue Show (14 times); Geraldo Rivera (4 times -- I was the perfect juror during the O.J. Simpson Inside the Mind of the Jury epison -- I Said that OJ was absolutely 100% not guilty. Appeared on The Joan Rivers Show (I had the privilege of being on with the late great Black legend Ms. Rosa Parks); the early versions of Montel Williams (2 times -- both times dealing with racists rednecks); and Good Day New York in reference to the Spike Lee movie, Jungle Fever, which at the time stirred up controversy over the interracial theme.

I always to present the ECLECTIC BLACK VIEW.
I later became known for my One-on-One Personality Profiles, doing in depth articles on people from all walks of life, from the famous to the infamous, from the great to the not so great, I had the fantastic opportunity of writing about people who had made an impact on our lives and our community.

As much as I enjoy writing about individuals, celebrities, events, concerns, and issues that affected us as a people, what I don't enjoy is the delay in getting essential info to our community. It was often left to the whim of an editor, or whether or not enough ads had been sold, or whether it conflicted with another article, as to whether or not a particular article was published in a timely manner.

It used to really aggravate me to do the work, write the story and find out that a week or two later it still hadn't run.
Well, now I get to post VIEWS INFORMATION PERSPECTIVES on issues as I get it. Hopefully I'll live up to my own stringent standards and get the info out to you in a timely manner.

I do warn you, though, I am definitely ECLECTICALLY BLACK in my views and orientation! That means that I resonate to all the facets of my African Heritage, including African, African American, Caribbean, South American siblings, as well as any relatives of American Indian and Asian extraction, who are also part of the panorama of Blackness.

We've got so much to learn from and about each other, so much to share with each other, I want to be a conduit for unity in our community. VIP means that the Views, Interests and Perspectives that concern Black People, whether it be political, educational, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, or other areas will alway have priority. I also plan to have a little fun as well, because it was our sense of humor that brought us a lot of stuff. I'm predisposed to good news, and will deal with "bad news", but if we can come up with some positive solutions or recommendations to the problem(s), rather than a pity party or gripe session, so much the better.

ECLECTICALLY BLACK VIP will be oriented to "anything they can do we can do better" for ourselves and with more class. This, hopefully will become the jump off point for consolidating the resourcefulness that made it possible for us to survive more than 400 years of oppression.

ECLECTICALLY BLACK will be a "love-fest", taking us to the next level of greatness. Love for our selves, our people, each other. It's open at the top for your input and reflection, as long as you keep it clean and uplifting.

So welcome to ECLECTICALLY BLACK: VIP. This is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.


Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Welcome To Electically Black VIP

Visitors may post reviews, are encouraged to post comments, and other content; and use other communications; and submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or other information, so long as the content is not illegal, obscene, offensive material (items that promote hatred, violence, racism, or intolerance) threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy or spam.

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